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About Isis Exchange

Our Beginnings & Our Commitment

Isis Exchange online Belly Dance Store was founded in Sunny Miami Florida on 2004 with a dedicated and simple goal. Offer beautiful and original Middle Eastern traditional dance products at reasonable prices from a small but dedicated team of passionate belly dance enthusiast. More than the dance, we are extremely passionate in the design of our products which we display through our online store and update on a regular basis.

What sets us apart

We are most famous for our custom made costumes which include bra & belt sets to professional full fitted costumes. All of our custom products are made in Egypt in our Atelier by our very own team of talented dressmakers. They work mostly by hand which gives each and every costume its own life and personality. Many hours will be put into making a costume as is displayed in the details of each set produced. We are also famous for producing a range of different styled hips scarves; in a variety of fabrics, colors and coins and just recently we decided to add a tribal flavour to our collection. At the moment we only introduced tribal bras and are working on adding more products and accessories to complete a full tribal combination.

Our Vision

We see ourselves leading the belly dance and dance community by working directly with dancers in knowing and predicting exactly what the future trends will be in costuming and accessories. These products will reflect the changes made in individual and group routines. By the way this vision can only be attained by your help so please don’t forget to send us your comments and feedback.

What Inspires us?

The intricate details that go into making and designing new and creative dance products especially when it involves using so many different types of beads, rhinestones and fabrics all put together by hand while never conforming to the same exact guidelines. Most of our products are still made using old traditional skills that emanate from the rich heritage of Egyptian crafts. We also REALLY LOVE when our customers send us there PICTURES in our costumes; it gives us so much pleasure and inspiration in creating more beautiful products therefore please don’t forget to send us your pictures at Your Feedback is extremely important to us and our products.

What is the origins of our Name?

Our company name originates from the Egyptian Goddess Isis which means female “Throne”, famous for wearing her legendary headdress throne and worshipped by the Egyptian people during her time.

Our Locations

Today we have 2 warehouse locations, one in Sarasota, Florida and one in Montreal, Quebec. These locations offer us the flexibility in reliable shipping options for an affordable and moderate to speedy service.

Get in touch with us

We are a small company with a hand full of dedicated individuals who strive to get you the best possible service at a reasonable time frame of less than 24 hours, therefore should you have any questions you may contact us by email, live chat or Phone and one of our dedicated members will assist you.

Contact us

Toll Free: 1-888-286-1951
Business hours: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm EST

Mailing Address in USA:

Isis Exchange
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Mailing Address in Canada:

Isis Exchange
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