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What is the Best Makeup for Photo Shoots?

Perhaps you’re planning on getting photos done for a portfolio or with your troupe. Obviously you want to look your best because photos are enduring. They can be used on websites, social media and for general promotion.

So, that leaves you in a quandary of how to do your makeup. Makeup for photoshoots is not radically different from that used in performance. However, there are some tips that you’ll probably only observe when you’re getting ready to go in front of the camera.

Start with Primer

You may not start with primer for performances because it’s too much thickness. However, makeup primer is an essential base for photo-ready makeup. It evens out your skin tone and minimizes pores in preparation for the foundation.

If you have skin issues, such as redness or under eye circles, you’ll also need a skin corrector. Think of the color wheel, remembering that opposites cancel each other out. So, if you have redness, look for a green-based color corrector. Under eye circles usually have purple undertones, so apply a peach-hued corrector.

Use Matte Foundation


There is a fine line between dewy and oily, and you don’t want to discover you crossed it after the photos are processed. Depending on the lighting the photographer uses, beams can also end up bouncing off the planes of your face. You may want some glow, but you’ll add that later. So, choose a matte foundation, and use a brush or sponge for more even coverage.

Use Cream Blush

Here is one area where you can add glow. The exact shade you choose depends on your natural skin tone. Since the camera washes out up to 40 percent of the color from your face, opt for a bright blush that complements your skin tone:

  • Fair: Peach or pink
  • Medium: Deep peach or warm mauve
  • Dark: Deep fuchsia or tangerine
  • Olive: Coral or golden

Play up the Eyes

Concerning makeup, belly dancers are known for their eyes. In the most traditional dances, the eyes are the only part of the face that can be seen, and they are show stoppers. We’ve covered tutorials on how to do the Egyptian eye, which is the classic. However, some tips to keep in mind:

Belly Dance Photo Shoot Makeup

  • Start with a neutral shade as the base.
  • Use a dark shade for the corners and crease.
  • Apply highlighter to the brows and inner corners.
  • Choose on a complementary shade for the lids.

The theory for choosing a lid shade is similar to that for corrector, except the goal is to enhance your eye color. Glitter is wholly appropriate for belly dance photos.

Finally, go black and bold for the eyeliner, pulling it up into a cat eye. For best results, use a liquid or gel eye liner.

Enhance the Lips

Inhance those Lips for your Belly Dance Photo Shoot

When preparing your skin before applying any makeup, gently rub a washcloth over your lips to remove any dead skin. Moisturize with a non-oily balm, and then apply a makeup primer here as well. You can use the same one you used for the rest of your face, or select one especially for lips.

Some belly dancers choose to keep the focus on their eyes, so they select a berry or coral shade of lipstick. Others opt for racy red or bold fuchsia. Either way, start with a lip liner one shade darker, and fill in the outline with creamy lipstick.

What makeup tips do you have for belly dance photo shoots?

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