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What Are Some Ideas for Finding a Belly Dance Teacher?

So, how about belly dancing? It’s a beautiful, exotic art form that dates back centuries – art with real tradition behind it. Belly dancing also happens to be excellent exercise.

What, you say? You can’t find a belly dance teacher? Well, if you live in a very rural community, it may be difficult to find a dance teacher in your area. However, mid-sized towns all the way to cities should have at least a few dancers. It’s just a matter of sniffing them out.

Internet Search

All research starts on the internet these days, and your search for a teacher or dance group should be no different. Start with the obvious search words. If you’re not finding what you want, though, try some different search words. “Asian dance,” “Middle Eastern dance” and “exotic dance” are options that may yield a class in which you can learn at least a few belly dance moves.

Meet Up

You know about Meet Up, right? This internet sensation puts local, like-minded individuals together. Since you’re interested in belly dancing, see if there are any meet up groups in your area. None of the members may be teachers themselves, but they may know of one. If nothing else, you can get together and learn some basic moves from fellow aficionados. If there is no belly dancing meet up, try starting one yourself to attract more enthusiasts.


Twitter is not just a platform for 140-character rants. Twitter actually has a very convenient search feature. Just add a hash tag to “belly dance” with your local area and see what comes up. Again, if you’re not seeing anything, trying sending it out into the Twitter-verse yourself.


Speaking of social media, Facebook is another likely source. Search through the Facebook database to see if it yields any belly dancers in your area. Post about your desire for dance instruction yourself in case any of your contacts has ideas.

Rec Center

Local recreation centers often cycle through programs. The programs can last as little as a few weeks, so maybe you missed their cycle in your initial search. If not, ask if they’d be willing to host belly dance classes. Sometimes they have a class in mind, but they’re not sure if there’s enough interest to run it. Let them know there is.

Dance Studio

The same holds true for your local dance studio. Many dancers practice different genres. Just because a teacher is currently instructing in salsa doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to Baladi as well. Again, put your interest out there – dancers attract dancers.

Community College

Community colleges and free universities sometimes offer specialized dance classes. You don’t have to work toward credits. Many times colleges allow students to audit classes, meaning they’re just there to learn.

Middle Eastern Restaurant

Don’t laugh – most Middle Eastern restaurants hire belly dancers. Find out when they have their shows. After the performance, talk to the dancer about if she gives classes. Even if she doesn’t, she can probably give you recommendations.

What tips do you have for finding a belly dance teacher?

Photo credit: Goddess Life

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