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We've seen belly dance costumes reach prices above and beyond $300. Why would you spend $300+ for one?

There can be many reasons and some of them include:

- The quality of materials used in making the costume: Lycra, Velvet, Silk, Crepe chiffon, high quality crystals.

- The complexity and the time involved in putting together the costume, for example the costume below can take anywhere from 120 to 160 hours to put together by one dressmaker. Imagine having multiple orders at one time.

- The design of the actual costume: before any costume goes into production many hours and days are spent in the actual design. Some of these tasks include research in finding the materials, crystal, beads that will be used in putting it together.


- The finishing touches are what separate a high quality costume from an ordinary one. When purchasing an Egyptian handmade costume, unique and visible attributes will be visible when finishing it.

- The way the costume is made to fit, understanding the different variations of the female body is extremely important to making a high quality belly dance costume.


- Exclusivity, very rarely will you find a belly dance costume made in Egypt by a known or unknown designer duplicated. Most costumes will only be made once exactly the same way because of the scarcity of materials being available at any given moment.

What do you look for in a belly dance costume, we would love to hear your thoughts?

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