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How to Choose a Stunning Performance Costume?

Let’s be real – part of the joy of belly dancing is wearing the beautiful costumes. Belly dance costumes are specially designed to best highlight the female form. With so many pretty options, how do you select the perfect performance costume for you?

Consider the Dance Style

The style of dance you’re performing at least partially drives your costume selection. For instance, tribal belly dance costumes often features a black base, harem pants and turbans. Traditional Egyptian belly dance costumes usually consist of a bra top, skirt with a decorative belt and some additional adornment. Likewise, strictly traditional Egyptian belly dancers do not expose their skin but rather wear a nude bodysuit.

Consult Your Teacher or Troupe

If you’re dancing in a student recital or group performance, you’ll need to talk to the other dancers. Your dance teacher will certainly have suggestions if not outright requirements. Likewise, if you’re dancing in a group number, all the dancers need to be at least somewhat coordinated. Even if you’re dancing a solo piece, your fellow dancers can offer suggestions for what works best.


Choose Flattering Colors

All belly dance costumes are beautiful. However, depending on your natural coloration, some colors may be more flattering than others. For example, this custom-made belly dance costume features shades of blues in the entire design. It will be especially flattering for lighter skin and hair tones. If you have blue or hazel eyes, this costume will really make them pop. The Touch of Pink and Lotus Flower costumes feature lots of bright colors. Both of them would be excellent options for darker skin and hair tones.


Look to Construction

A stunning belly dance costume is an investment. As such, you certainly want it to stand the test of time. In that case, it’s important to choose a costume that is made well. The bra should offer adequate support. The belt should be securely fastened to the skirt. Likewise, all beading and sequins should be sewn securely onto the costume. Additionally, make sure your costume is made of high quality materials, which further lengthens the life of the pieces.

Pay Attention to Details

The point of a belly dance costume is to enhance your moves during the dance. You want the details to flow with your body while enhancing your best aspects. For instance, the Purple Light costume features sparkling sequins and beads on the bra and belt to make a frame of your stomach and draw attention to other torso moves. This is further enhanced with the dangling beads at both bra and skirt. Furthermore, the gradations in coloring accentuate the curves of the body. As a whole, the costume will undulate as you dance.

When you’re ready for a stunning performance costume, look for a piece that makes you feel comfortable and unstoppable. When you’re performing belly dance, you want to feel like the best you possible.


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